The Buda, Texas, Home That Lost Its Front Row Seat To The Golf Course

Until We Saved The Day With A
“Hole-In-One” Window Replacement

Window replacement is a delicate balance – a dance of detail that requires far more than simply switching out the old with the new.

One might think it’s only about plucking an old window from its perch and dropping in a new one, but truth be told – it’s much more complex and intricate. It’s a task that demands precise attention to detail and aesthetics and deep knowledge and awareness of energy efficiency.

Every consideration – from the type of glass to the frame material – can have far-reaching impacts.

And one consideration that’s particularly important when considering a window replacement?

The window contractor you choose for the job.

Beyond just installation, a highly-experienced replacement window contractor understands how window design enhances your home’s aesthetic and energy efficiency.

They expertly select materials that complement your space and combat drafts, increasing comfort year-round.

Which is exactly what the Dickson Family got with GreenTex Windows & Siding.

From Hot To Cold… But Never In Between

The Dickson family had a problem – they lived on a gorgeous golf course, but couldn’t really SEE it year-round. Because their old windows were so drafty, they had to install shutters. Shutters that were best kept shut as must as possible to attempt to block these unwanted drafts.

More importantly, the drafts from their obsolete, old, and failing windows indicated a more dire issue – energy loss.

You see, when it comes to windows, energy efficiency is arguably the most important aspect of all. More than those stunning golf course views, even.

So when we came in, we had our work cut out for us for a couple of reasons:

  • The unique architecture of the windows to replace.
  • Windows that ensured a solid seal with excellent energy efficiency for those year-round golf course views.

For other window replacement contractors, any window shape that strays away from the norm can sometimes earn homeowners the cold shoulder. You know, the “that’s out of my wheelhouse” excuse.

But for GreenTex, we relish a challenge. And we delivered to the Dicksons complete satisfaction – and here’s how we did it.

No Crevice Left Behind

When the Dickson family chose GreenTex for their window replacement, it would change things… FOREVER.

We came in with a lifetime solution that successfully solved their window woes AND within budget.

We demonstrated our expertise by recommending EnergySafe+ windows. These windows are a harmony of advanced technology and efficiency, offering a LoE 366 coating and a cavity filled with 100% argon.

Remarkably, these double-pane windows outperform even some triple-pane models on the market!

The transformation from inefficient aluminum windows to GreenTex’s high-performing, custom-shaped vinyl windows was a total game-changer. The Dickson family home witnessed a drastic reduction in energy loss and significantly increased their comfort level.

Now, the Dicksons bask in the comfort of their home – embracing their stunning golf course view – free from the need for shutters even in extreme temperatures. They found what every homeowner seeking window replacement should consider – a highly experienced replacement window contractor who understands the delicate balance required in this process.

The Dickson’s story underlines the importance of a skilled contractor. At GreenTex, we didn’t just install windows; we selected the ideal materials to enhance the home’s aesthetic, fight drafts, and improve energy efficiency.

The result?

A home that is a perfect blend of form and function, a testament to the true essence of window replacement.

Is Your Home Feeling… Drafty?

If your Austin home requires an energy-efficient upgrade performed by a window replacement contractor who lets the sun in but keeps the heat and cold out, contact GreenTex for a free quote today!