GreenTex recently completed the Morris’ door project in Northwest Austin near Anderson Mill. The family first reached out to GreenTex when they were searching for a replacement back door that would add some much needed natural light and functionality to their living space. Their current door was a solid door slab with no glass that was beginning to show its age, including issues with alignment and ease of operation. Mrs. Morris loved the replacement doors with built in blinds as it would give her the option to let in some light, as well as maintain their privacy without having to deal with traditional blinds that constantly get tangled up and are difficult to operate.

Another concern for the family was the strength and security of the door. The current door was having issues due to seasonal shifting of the house, and security and peace of mind were important concerns for the Morris family. After meeting with a GreenTex representative, the family found the perfect solution for their project! We went to our trusted door manufacturer, Provia, and found a door that hits on every desire for the project. The frame system features a composite bottom that is resistant to rotting and warping, and is completely cased in aluminum for maximum strength. The 20-Gague Steel door slab offers 50% more steel than a standard steel replacement door and an energy efficient insulated core. No other door on the market could compare to the top notch quality and durability that ProVia offers, and with the customer service experience they received, the Morris family decided to join the GreenTex family!

After an estimated delivery time of 8-12 weeks, the family patiently awaited their door, but to their surprise the door was manufactured in record time and the installation was way ahead of schedule! Our professional installation team had the door installed perfectly in no time, and Mrs. Morris could enjoy her beautiful new view from the living room!


  • ProVia Legacy Steel Entry Door
  • Integral/Built In Blind System
  • FrameSaver Frame System with Aluminum Casing

“I’ve used other window companies, but I was so happy when I found GreenTex. They were extremely responsive and helpful. My windows look amazing, and the crew was respectful of my home. I will absolutely use them again. They arrived on time, and they gave me a great price. Highly recommended.”

Christie D.

Photos of the door before and after

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