Energy Saving Window Replacement In Buda, Texas

GreenTex recently completed this window replacement project for the Dickson family just south of Austin in Buda, TX. Mrs. Dickson first found GreenTex searching online for companies to consider for their window replacement project. Since she had experience replacing her home’s windows in the past, she knew that she needed a company that had the expertise to do the job right, but also a company that could be trusted to do what they say!

Their biggest concern with the original windows in the home was the discomfort they cause in both the summer and winter. During the summer, the western setting sun pours in through the windows in the living room and kitchen. This caused such an issue with the comfortability of the room that they had previously needed to install plantation shutters in the back windows to keep the blistering sun out! During the winter, the family said they could feel the cold air seeping in through broken seals, causing drafts and an uncomfortable living space.

After meeting with the family, GreenTex was able to offer a LIFETIME solution to their window problems, all while staying within the project budget. Our EnergySafe+ windows come standard with a LoE 366 coating and a 100% argon filled cavity, making them some of the most efficient double pane windows on the market, and even beating some triple pane windows in performance testing!

Replacing their old, inefficient aluminum windows with GreenTex’s top performing vinyl windows has dramatically reduced their home’s energy loss, and dramatically increased the level of comfort.

Now the Dickson family is comfortable and happy in their home with more of their beautiful view of the golf course, and no need to shutter the windows during uncomfortable temperatures!


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