Frustrating Habits Of Window Contractors That
We Could Never Even Imagine Doing Once

We’re Simply Not In The Business Of Cutting
Corners. We’re In The Business Of
Solving Your Window Needs.

As an Austin homeowner in the market for replacement windows, you shouldn’t have to dodge bad contractor bullets. But alas, this is the reality of the contracting world.

From the slightly annoying to the egregious – if you don’t take a defensive stance against bad practices, you could end up turned and burned.

The bad-habit possibilities can seem endless – whether it’s sly upselling, a job done poorly or messily, or just plain corner-cutting.

Even more frustrating is that some of these poor habits have become so commonplace that they’re now the norm for many.

At GreenTex, we do our due diligence to give you the most superior replacement windows with zero stress involved. And we do it by avoiding what should be considered obvious and common poor habits among window contractors.

Because in the end, if you’re not completely satisfied, we’re not satisfied at all.

We Don’t Charge Extra For Things You Don’t Need

Feeling slighted by your contractor? You’re not alone.

Time and time again, replacement window contractors nickel and dime you for features you simply don’t need. One such area is none other than… insulation. Which makes sense, right? After all, everyone wants energy efficient windows.

But depending on the energy efficiency of the windows themselves, it might not even be necessary to add an extra layer of insulation. But regardless, some contractors will simply insist on it being necessary.

So many of them offer an insulation film to apply on the inside of the window – but not without an extra price tag. While applying a film to a window can improve energy efficiency, at GreenTex, we believe top-quality energy efficiency should all be a package deal.

That’s why with every one of our window installations, we go all out with top products and some pretty cool science to boot.

We use closed-cell, premium polyiso foam, which provides a lifetime draft-free seal and creates a thermal and vapor barrier between the window frame and your housing.

This means you can enjoy improved energy efficiency and comfort without breaking the bank.

Additionally, we use backer rods for windows too small to foam to ensure that no moisture or air can penetrate through. So no matter the size of windows in your home, we ensure all are completely ‘tricked out’ to the max with energy efficiency features.

Again, at no extra cost to you.

We know that might sound fantastical, but really… we hate upselling our customers for unnecessary products or services.

Instead, we focus on delivering what matters most – a reliable and efficient solution that will save you money on energy bills and enhance the comfort of your home.

We Take The Needed Time To Protect
Your Home Before We Begin The Installation

At GreenTex, we recognize the value you place on your home, and we believe in leaving it better than we found it.

Unfortunately, not all are like us.

The process of protecting your home should be an obvious one, but you’d be shocked to realize how many replacement window contractors ignore this process of the install entirely!

Sure, they may lay down a tarp here and there. But what about the walls? What about your valuables and other expensive items?

That’s why we’ve adopted a meticulous approach to property protection – we treat your home with the utmost respect and as if it were our own.

One such example is protecting the wall around each window to be replaced.

Imagine for a moment if your window is a dartboard. We cover a large radius of the surrounding wall and area with tarps, just as a dart surround protects a wall from stray darts.

And for those tight turns? We strategically position foam against the walls to prevent any potential damage.

But our commitment doesn’t stop there.

We ensure that your beds and other valuables are covered with plastic, shielding them from dust and debris during the window replacement process.

These aren’t just empty words, either. We stand behind our word with a Property Protection Guarantee – if we break something directly related to our work, we’ll make it right.

Because, in the end, our most important goal is to deliver a seamless, worry-free experience, contributing positively to the comfort and value of your home.

Simply Put – We Just Do The Job Right

If you need a window replacement in Austin done with care by professionals who… well care, contact GreenTex Windows for a zero-pressure quote today.