GreenTex is extremely excited about installing new patio doors in Lakeway, Texas at the home of the this local Family. We are helping the family completely transform their home by replacing three old, small windows with an expansive multi-slide patio door. The family has had dreams of turning their dull bedroom wall into a beautiful lookout to the golf course below, but finding a contractor they could trust with a project like this proved to be no easy feat. There are many considerations with a project like this such as framing, drywall and exterior repair, and most importantly STRUCTURE! The family had an estimate from another contractor a while back, and the number one concern was trust. They did not feel like their project was taken seriously, and the inspection process seemed lacking in both care and expertise. Luckily the family was referred to GreenTex, and we were able to show them EXACTLY how we would bring the dream to life! After an initial consultation with the family, we were able to find them a beautiful, modern aluminum multi-slide patio door with multidirectional operation and thermal breaking for maximum energy efficiency, but we didn’t stop there. Not only did we find them the product to complete their vision at a fantastic price, we also brought in a structural engineer to evaluate the project. It is ALWAYS a good idea to consult with a structural specialist when considering a project like this. Many factors go into the structural integrity of a house, and any damage or disruption to a load bearing wall can be catastrophic. Many contractors would just take their chances, but not GreenTex!

Proposed Renderings of New Patio Doors, Texas

After getting the green light from the structural evaluation, we presented the family with a proposal to completely remove the windows and surrounding wall, frame the opening for a new 12’ sliding door, and install the new door with our comprehensive and detail oriented installation process.

GreenTex is extremely excited to get this project underway, and we can’t wait to see the beautiful view the family will get to wake up to everyday! Not only will this patio door provide a sleek, modern look, but it is also extremely efficient! The aluminum frame is insulated with a polyurethane foam to stop hot and cold air from transferring into the house, the glass is insulated with Argon gas, and also double coated with Low-E to reflect harmful UV rays from entering the home. We want to thank this family for trusting GreenTex with their project, and we are ready to make their vision a reality!

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