Why Replace Three Windows When You Can Tear Down The Whole Wall Instead?

Don’t Worry… We Installed Something
WAY Better In Its Place

At the risk of sounding redundant – our company name is GreenTex Windows. Obvious, right?

But here’s what’s not so obvious… what ‘Windows’ actually means. We know that might sound like a weird thing to say but hear us out.

Does it mean the traditional double-hung windows you commonly see on Austin area homes? Or does it mean a small yet impactful sidelight accompanying an entry door?

A window can be a lot of things.

Like a 12-foot movable colossus of pure elegance. Or, in layman’s terms, a sliding patio door.

But we didn’t just install any ordinary sliding patio door for this Lakeway, Texas, home – we went all out.

In fact, this transformation was so involved and dramatic that we even hired a structural engineer to cross our t’s and dot our i’s.

Achieving Their Dream Remodel Without
Compromising On Safety

A project of this scale isn’t just about aesthetics but safety and longevity. So our commitment to thorough planning and expert execution took center stage. With the aid of a structural engineer, we tackled any potential challenges head-on and ensured the home’s architectural integrity first and foremost.

We didn’t take chances – we took all the necessary steps. This cautious approach allowed us to replace a wall with a 12-foot sliding door without compromising safety or structural solidity.

Once we received the green light from the engineer… it was go time.

They Gave Us Their Trust, So We Gave
Them Our Unwavering Dedication

This Lakeway, Texas, home wasn’t just due for an upgrade – it was primed for elegance. But the homeowners were understandably apprehensive. After all, this project wasn’t just a window replacement – it was a drastic change to the structure of their home.

So when we came on board, we didn’t do so with the typical contractor mentality of ‘get the job done and jet away.’ No way.

We came on board as a trusted partner from the get go – because a project of this size absolutely calls for it.

We meticulously outlined every step of the transformation process, proving their project was in expert hands. From framing to drywall and performing the necessary exterior repairs to their home’s all-important structural integrity – we left no stone unturned.

A Transformation Tailored To Perfection

It’s not just the aesthetic of these sliding windows that’s breathtaking. It’s the benefits the homeowners received from this stunning transformation.

  • Expansive and modern design – This multi-slide patio door isn’t just a door – it’s a statement. Its broad, sleek design entirely transforms the look and feel of the home.
  • Multidirectional operation – The sliding door is designed to slide open and close from both ends. This ease of operation adds logical functionality to its stunning design.
  • Thermal breaking system – This patio sliding door is equipped with a thermal breaking system, making it extremely energy efficient. It reduces heat transfer, ensuring the indoor temperature remains comfortable all year round.
  • Insulated aluminum frame – The door’s aluminum frame is insulated with polyurethane foam. This feature acts as a barrier, preventing hot and cold air from seeping into the house.
  • Double-coated glass – The door’s glass is double-coated with Low-E to effectively reflect harmful UV rays, providing additional protection for the home.
  • Argon gas insulation – Now, this is a fantastic feature. This non-toxic gas adds an extra layer of insulation, enhancing the door’s energy efficiency even more. It further lowers the glass U-rating by reducing leak points (lower is better!)

As you can see, it’s not just living in the “lap of luxury” that matters. Simply put, these sliding glass patio windows can be trusted to perform for years to come.

You Dream It. We Build It. With TRUST.

If you need a sliding patio door installation you can unequivocally TRUST to be done right the first time by true in-house professionals, contact GreenTex for a free estimate today!

*Please note that the “after” photo included in this piece is the proposed rendering, not a photo of the job itself.