We’ve Never Made A Sale. But We Have Given Hundreds Of Homeowners True Solutions

Because We’re In It For The Right Reasons

At GreenTex, we don’t simply sell – we provide solutions.

So when you need a window replacement for your Austin, TX, home, our primary focus isn’t on making a sale. We know that might sound shocking but hear us out.

We actually listen to you and provide suggestions and solutions custom-tailored to your unique needs.

Unlike other contractors who might push their singular product on you – we value your preferences above getting rid of our stock. If you desire a product we don’t offer, we won’t force a substitute on you. Instead, we try our utmost to ensure you get what you want – even if that means you decide on another window replacement contractor.

And while this most definitely ISN’T our intention to shuffle you off to someone else, what IS our main goal is that you get exactly what you want.

Because honesty is our mantra, and we stick to it.

But beyond just the solutions process, the entire process of your window replacement will be professional. From a year after we give the quote to after we pack our bags and leave your home.

Accountability is a mainstay here at GreenTex.

Ditch The Sales Process And Try Our
Solutions Process Instead

When we approach your window needs from a solutions-oriented perspective and not from a sales-driven angle… things start drastically better.

We believe in listening carefully, deeply understanding your unique needs, and tailoring our services to provide you with the best outcome.

Unlike other window companies that might attempt to shoehorn you into accepting their one-size-fits-all product, we prioritize your wants and requirements. Usually, this isn’t an issue for 95% of our clients as we carry a wide array of window options and choices. But in the rare event your heart is set on a product that we don’t carry, we won’t attempt to sell you a substitute.

We stand at a 95% satisfaction rate because of this transparent approach: it’s not about making a sale – it’s about delivering a solution that truly benefits you.

A One-Year Locked-In Price

Our commitment to fairness and transparency includes our pricing model.

That’s why our quotes are valid for an entire year, with no faux specials that last until the end of the month. We don’t mark up to mark down again.

We believe in a straightforward, honest pricing model.

We provide a quote that holds good for a full year, breaking away from the industry norms of offering transient deals or flashy end-of-the-month specials. We don’t mark up our prices to create a façade of a discount later.

Through Humility, We Find Our Accountability

At GreenTex, accountability isn’t just an empty promise – it is ingrained in our work ethos. In the rare event we make a mistake, we own it, express it, and do everything within our means to correct it.

We don’t just act prideful and deny an issue is our fault. If it is… we own it. Simple.

No extra change orders will be tossed your way – we shoulder the responsibility and the cost of fixing our errors.

You see… we abide by the guiding principle of “God first, family second, business third,” which fuels our mission to provide top-quality service with honesty and integrity.

We strive to get it right the first time, and if we fall short, we pull out all the stops until the job is done right.

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