GreenTex Windows: Where Unrivaled Quality Meets Exceptional Design And Experience

We Know Windows, And We Know Them Well,
So We Only Choose Windows That Deliver.

You know your Austin home can look good – but did you know it can perform well? And while some might use the term ‘function,’ we prefer ‘perform.’

Why perform?

Because your windows are in a state of constant flux and defense. Being pushed and pulled from varying temperature changes to defending against storms and anything else the forecast has to throw at them.

A window that performs well doesn’t just keep the elements out. It balances the indoor environment, reduces energy consumption, and even plays a role in enhancing your home’s overall aesthetic appeal.

So while other standard ‘out with the old, in with the new,’ window replacement contractors work to replace only… we work to reform your home.

In the end, your windows are a fundamental part of your home’s architecture for beauty but they also work tirelessly day in and day out.

With this in mind, our windows take performance and beauty to the next level to ensure that your home is well protected and looking the best it can all at the same time.

12-Point Welding Means No Weak Spots

The genesis of a GreenTex window is rooted in our commitment to deliver products that stand the test of time and harsh weather conditions. That’s why we use ‘fusion welding’ – a technique in which vinyl pieces are melded together to create robust corners and rigid frames, just like steel welded for superior strength.

The result?

A unibody piece of vinyl with no weak spots. Even better, we add to this durability with our innovative use of a European beveled edge design.

This design element adds to the aesthetics and significantly enhances our windows’ structural integrity.

You’ll find that this unique blend of strength and style results in steadfast and reliable windows for years to come.

Spacer Systems With A Purpose

Much like a tree, windows move. But you can’t necessarily see it.

So how do window manufacturers remedy this movement? They use something called spacers. But as with all things windows, not everything is manufactured equally. 

A standard four-piece spacer has a seal failure rate of over 20% between five to seven years, while an interceptor spacer and super spacer show a 20% seal failure rate after 20 years.

But at GreenTex, we take it a step further with our Endur® welded spacer system, which is not just rigid but insulated.

This system demonstrates a striking advantage when compared to other spacers commonly found with other window replacement contractors.

Our Endur® spacer system presents a remarkable 0.2% seal failure rate after 20 years. This isn’t a claim we make lightly – it is backed by data from Cardinal’s website, one of the most respected manufacturers in the industry.

This minute failure rate underscores the reliability and resilience of our Endur® spacer system, reinforcing our commitment to quality and the lasting value of our windows.

No Matter You Needs, We Can Handle The Job
Need Custom Colors? Have Other Particular Specialized Considerations?

We can do it all.

We have established and trusted partnerships with multiple highly-reputable window manufacturers – from the likes of ProVia to Regency. And even beyond the big manufacturers, should your home call for a particularly unique need – we’ll deliver.

So if your Austin home needs a superior window replacement done by a contractor with over 15 years of experience, contact us for your free quote today.